Using Securonix Cloud SIEM to Monitor Your Hybrid Infrastructure

Organizations today are using a combination of on-prem, IaaS, and cloud applications to run their business, with many organizations adopting 100% cloud IT strategies. However, while they move to cloud resources their security technologies to secure their hybrid and cloud infrastructure does not keep up, putting them at risk of cyber espionage, hacking and data breaches. In order to effectively secure their environments, organizations must adopt cloud SIEM to ensure their critical assets are secure.

Download this whitepaper to discover how Securonix Cloud SIEM can help you:

  • Extend seamless security monitoring across your cloud environment without needing to rely on on-premise solutions that were not designed for the cloud. 
  • Eliminate blind spots when you can correlate between on-premises data and cloud data in order to analyze end-to-end activities and detect actionable threat patterns. 

Ransonware Report 2017

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